The Finance Bar | Mobile Personal Finance Consulting

Budget3D jim stigmanMarsha Barnes is passionate about personal finance. Her business takes place in a retrofitted school bus. Inside is a mobile personal finance hub. Marsha drives around the Charlotte area and provides financial advice to various clients who want to learn more about budgeting and saving. To supplement her mobile consulting business, she offers services online with clients from all over the world.

A few key factors that Marsha wants others to realize about her business is that she is not a financial advisor. She prefers to be recognized as a personal finance consultant. She concentrates on helping others to understand some foundational topics in finance such as the purpose of credit and good usage tips.

This business woman took many factors into consideration when starting her business. She knew she wanted to help the Charlotte community, especially in a time where many people were getting laid off. In the course of her life, Marsha Barnes saw her parents get through a time where both of them were laid off from their jobs. This took place after each put in over twenty years of work. She noted that both handled the situation with finesse. There was no reason to panic because they consistently lived below their means. The situation was an inconvenience that they could handle and not an emergency that had grave consequences. The difference between the two responses is very significant, thus leading Marsha to explore this further as a finance professional.

The Finance Bar is the name of Marsha Barnes’ consulting business. Inside the bus one can find an area for refreshments such as tea and coffee. There are also workstations with laptops. There are yellow barstools and a small sofa inside as well. Offerings of the Finance Bar include consulting sessions between $30 and $50 per session. There is even a membership selection where one can pay $10 per month and get tools and exercises for better understanding personal finance.

To learn more about this finance business, visit The Charlotte Observer online here.