About Jim Stigman

Jim Stigman attended St. Cloud State University, earning a degree in Public Administration with a minor in Local and Urban Affairs. For the following twelve years, Jim worked for non-profit organizations and the local government in St. Cloud. Jim eventually realized his true passion was for assisting others with their life goals and financial direction.


As a husband and a parent, Jim understands the importance of planning for the costs of a college education. With the rising cost of tuition for colleges and universities, most families risk sacrificing their retirement savings in order to help their children through school. As a college funding advisor, Jim has formulated financial techniques to teach families how to save money without losing their retirement funds or savings accounts. Jim and his team assist families with getting the most out of their sources of income in order to keep families from diminishing their savings or retirement funds. The team also coaches families through the tedious college admissions process, helping them decide on the right college or university for them based on financial needs. Jim’s college planning process allows families to maintain their financial stability while in turn giving their children the best college educations possible.

Jim believes in taking action in order to pursue your goals and motivates others to do so. As a financial coach, he pushes his clients to take an active role in their financial futures and teaches them how to develop financial strategies specific to their needs.

Jim Stigman constantly seeks to improve other people’s financial well-beings in order to make sure they have security and less stress over supporting their families while financing their children’s college educations.

As a parent and college funding advisor, Jim Stigman, values the aspect of teaching his children about their financial future and their potential to start organize their finances for the future. Because of this, during his career Jim has developed college planning techniques and strategies to assist families in particular with designs to save them money so that college tuitions do not drain their savings account or overwhelm them. Investing in a college education will most certainly affect any family’s financial decisions. The current state of the economy, job market, and climbing tuition costs have made funding a college career more and more difficult, and Jim hopes to ease the financial strains college planning places on families.

Jim and his team of college planning experts work with families to create four year plans to make paying for college efficient and uncomplicated. The College Planning Team has some notable advantages such as offering a Student Services Department, a Financial Aid Department, a College Cash Flow Solution, and a Parent Services Department. The purpose of the team creating a College Cash Flow Solution is to ensure a family does not have to sacrifice their savings in the process.